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We develop products, apps and the teams to grow them,
so that you can grow the business.

What we do

Solid solutions for your business

Only the highest quality is deliverable. With particular attention to architecture & team composition, we produce fast and reliable solutions that scale.

Our Key to Success
Local Presence, Global Resources

With a core experience in the startup and innovation space, iTalanta partners with clients as an end-to-end technology solution provider.

Specialised over a series of different projects, we design holistic solutions that look beyond just the product but that fit well with your vision, team and operations.

Our local presence, global resources formula allows us to offer high- and cutting-edge technology quality at an unmatched price.

We act as the bridge between your context and culture, and talent in the South. The South has an abundance of highly-motivated talent, allowing our academies to upskill 45 youth annually to international coding standards, scaling to 500 soon.

Developed and handling SaaS stack of the fastest acquired Belgian startup.
14 developers actively on client projects, growing every month.
4 developers dedicated to open source, high-impact projects.


Engineers in training


Top-notch engineers


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Where Quality meets Impact

Our Commitment

As Europe is suffering under a lack of available workforce, East-Africa contains an unimaginable pool of highly-skilled talent that is being wasted due to lack of opportunity.

Over the next five years, our vision is to offer world-class jobs to over 1,000 highly motivated youths, with a quality standard much higher than what is available in the global market.

Jente Rosseel
Co-Founder, Computer Scientist,
Teacher & Lead Engineer
Jente Rosseel, Co-Founder
Don't take it from us

In service of our clients


As a fast-growing SaaS in Belgium and France, it's important to have partners we can rely on. iTalanta handles our technology end-to-end. With support from their Belgian and global talent, we are able to deliver on our promise – offering the best real-estate management platform in the world!

Geoffroy Uyttenhove, CEO Syndic4you